Du har kommet til den gamle hjemmesiden til John Herman Embretsen.

Skolesiden min finner du her: skoleindex.html
Nyere bilder finner du i EmboGallery (se menyen).

Ellers finner du resten av den gamle gamle hjemmesiden min (har ikke blitt oppdatert på evigheter) hvis du klikker der det står Dungeon.
En vakker dag blir det store endringer på disse sidene...

Har du spørsmål eller kommentarer, send mail til: post @ emboweb.com
(fjern mellomrommene)



For all of you who did not understand much of what is written above, here is some basic information for you:

My name is John Herman Embretsen, and you seem to have found an old version of my home page. This part of the site is available only as a service to the visitors of my site (mostly my essay page, I guess).
You can view newer pictures in my EmboGallery (I am planning to put a lot more out there eventually...).

If you want to see the rest of my old, not so updated website, go where it says Dungeon. Some day, I might get around to redesign the whole thing...

If you have questions or comments, send E-mail to: post @ emboweb.com
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